Who We Are?

Beyond Blues . . .

“12 Bar Blues”, the band, was founded in the early 2000s by guitarist Erik Goulet, from Montreal. His goal is to form a musical trio inspired by his 60′s and 70′s classic rock and “Power Trio” influences. To achieve this, Erik teams up with drummer Pete Lareau, from Sherbrooke, who has many years of experience in various Canadian and American bands, and is known for his jazz and fusion roots. The group is completed by Montreal born bassist Jacques Ethier, who brings just the right pulse to the trio’s musical energy. Jacques has toured extensively with numerous bands all over the province of Québec. Following the release of the debut album, “G-STRING”, composed of original songs, “12 BAR BLUES” played numerous gigs and was the opening act for artists such as Jim Zeller, Duke Robillard, The Cowboys Fringant and Bobby Bazini. The trio also made his mark at numerous festivals: Maximum Blues in Carleton QC, Festiblues of Montreal, Festival du Cochon de St. Perpetue, Festival International du Blues Tremblant and The
Drag-Show of St-Perpetue.

With a Lys Blues 2012 nomination for their second album TIME as Blues Album of the Year, “12 BAR BLUES” reputation has also extended to the corporate level. They are often part of showcase events for companies such as the Electric League of Quebec, Nedco, Lumen, the Club Richelieu and NAPA Canada. 12 Bar Blues performed before a crowd of 1000 people at the 2010 NASCAR NAPA 200 held in Montreal. 2011 marks the release of the band’ second album, “TIME”. The album definitely demonstrates a new direction towards a more rock, progressive and fusion sound. Composed entirely of original material, the 12 Bar Blues new album will surprise the fans with it’s inspirational texts and intense drive. The culmination of all the years of experience, shows the trio’s intention to display their influences into a more “PROGRESSIVE BLUES STYLE.”

Erik, Pete and Jacques, are shaping the blues with their musical originality and intense shows. 12 Bar Blues is ready to take the fans to a new level.

Beyond Blues . . .


Erik Goulet Guitar and Vocals

From a young age, Erik studied music at Vincent d’Indy in Montreal. Having learned to play several instruments, the electric guitar became his passion.

Erik went through the ’90s in several bands as rhythm guitarist. In 2000, Erik settled in the Eastern Townships and formed the trio « 12 BAR BLUES ». In addition to being the guitarist vocalist of the group, he stands out as a songwriter with the release of two albums, G-STRING (2001) and TIME (2011). Since, Erik is is involved with the band in several major events.


Pete Lareau Drums

With over 40 years experience as a drummer, Pete Lareau has experienced all musical situations imaginable. Whether Rock, Pop, through Jazz, Blues or Latin in a trio, quartet and bands of 7 or more musicians.

A native of Sherbrooke Quebec, Pete played drums for Exit, Ad Lib and several other groups in Quebec. He then spent 5 years in Los Angeles where he was part of group that accompanied the Coasters and the Shirelles. Two groups that are members of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. With these two formations, he has traveled the West Coast of the United States, from California to Washington State. Pete was also part of a band called Norman Iceberg, a Quebec singer in California, with whom he performed at the Whiskey and the Roxy, two of the most famous clubs in Los Angeles.

Returning to Quebec, Pete worked with the Opto Band making an album for the benefit of the Fondation des maladies de l’oeil before joining the « 12 BAR BLUES » with whom he recorded two albums.

Pete has also studied drums at the College of Sherbrooke and St.Laurent and privately with Gene Thaler in Florida and Peter Magadini, internationally renowned drummer.


Jacques Ethier Bass

Bassist Jacques Ethier is from Montreal. Rockmusic fan since his teens, it was not until 1975 that he began playing bass as a hobby.

Jacques has been involved in several projects, including the creation of original demos for various groups and the production of soundtracks for plays, etc.. His experiences on stage are very broad and diversified from Latin, Jazz, Rock and Blues and this in several bands such as: The Steph Gagnon Blues Gang, Quest, Head, None Of The Above, Goliath, Sudartik, Virtual Lies and X –Tasy.

He now shares the stage and creation of original compositions with « 12 BAR BLUES » since 2002

We’re Back at the Montreal Marathon 2014

Montreal Marathon 12 Bar BluesWe are back performing at the 2014 Montreal Marathon. The first 100 people to come to see 12 Bar Blues will receive our latest album Time absolutely FREE. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

2014 is marking our second year at the Montreal Marathon. We will be on the Stage at location 7M on the Pont de la Concorde. It’s close to the Montreal Casino @ the 12kM mark. Hope to see you at the show.


Project 12


Project-12Keep posted! PROJECT 12 , a Prog Rock spin off coming soon. Album in pre-production.

12 Bar Blues is going beyond blues. It’s natural evolution will be displayed in Project 12 new album.

The Voyage Preview

The-Voyage-PreviewWork is still going strong on the new album. Here’s a preview of The Voyage.

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Lost Child Single for Charity

lost_chil_cover_art_Lost Child is the first single off our next album. This track was inspired by the Newtown tragedy and all similar acts of violence in this world we live in. Especially when children are involved. The children are our future and we must stand up to protect them from physical and mental abuse. This is our way of standing up to help them. Actions are worth so much. Stop the talk and walk the walk. Children need our help.

All the proceits, and I mean ALL the proceits, will be given to  to these two charities for victims of violent acts:

Isabelle Boisvenu Fund and Beyond Borders

Click on the Lost Child cover art to purchase the track and make a difference in our lives!



The Isabelle Boisvenu Fund was established in memory of Isabelle Boisvenu who died accidentally in December, 2005. With her father Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, she was significantly involved in setting up AFPAD.

This fund, managed independently from AFPAD activities, was created to help research in the field of victimology by means of scholarships or subsidies granted to university students. For this purpose, a management committee consisting of a representative of the Boisvenu family, an AFPAD representative and one from the university environment annually overviews the various guidelines that govern the granting of scholarships.

This fund is set up in the memory of Isabelle Boisvenu, who died in December, 2005. It aims at getting to know more about problems facing collateral or indirect victims of manslaughter or criminal disappearance.



Beyond Borders

In 1996, Canadian government delegates, as well as representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) were invited to participate in the first World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Stockholm, Sweden.

Canada went into the conference believing that the biggest concern was Canadian offenders committing acts against foreign children. It became clear, however, that there were many Canadian children abroad who were victims of exploitation as well.

These children were beyond borders—being abused and neglected by foreigners, family members, and the system that was created to protect them. Policies within each government were as complex as the regulations between countries.

Two members of the Canadian delegation decided to do something to help these children. Rosalind Prober, an official observer invited by the Canadian government, and Mark Erik Hecht, a children’s rights lawyer, created a new NGO (Beyond Borders) to bring global justice to children everywhere.

In 1999 Beyond Borders was granted affiliate status with ECPAT International, the campaign to End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes.

Playing in a Band With Other Musicians

Erik Goulet

Erik GouletYou’re ready, you have practiced long and hard. All those scales, chord progressions you have learned by heart. During your free time you studied the legends of music. You watched videos of the masters of guitar, drums, keyboards, bass or whatever musical instrument that has influenced you to start playing in a band.

At the crossroad you stand, wanting to take the steps needed to progress into a band. This desire to play in a band with fellow musicians who share a common interest in a particular type of music. Or even to share the simple love of music and to perform this art with others.

Many musicians are confronted with this urge to perform with a group of fellow musicians in a garage somewhere, as a weekend warrior and even full time in front of thousands of rabid fans. I understand and sympathize with this yurning. Once you pick up that axe, hit those skins or tickle the ivories, this sensation of accomplishment draws this overwhelming vail over your senses. This feeling is shared by so many. Weather by one how plays his or her craft once in awhile or the regular player striving to continually fill the void left by the last performance.

When you step on to that darken stage, you pick up that instrument you pray to at each performance. The lights go up and you close your eye and here the murmur of the crowd waiting for you to strike the first notes, chords, beat and words.

A successful band is more than a group of good musicians. Many factors will affect the success of a band. Musicianship being one prime factor to this elusive success, but many other factors come into play. A band will always be greater then the some of it’s parts. All the band practices in the rehearsal room will never be enough to transform the band in a tight unit. Performing live in front of an audience will gain 20 times the amount of experience on stage as you would in the rehearsal room. Beside band practice you need to practice by yourself as well. This is your responsibility to the other band members to keep your skill level up and ever increasing. To know your parts as best as you can before you get to the stage or rehearsal. The time you will spend working on band music outside of band rehearsal. will save you countless hours.

One of the most important aspect of making a successful and tight band is unity. All the energy you will focus on the band to work as one, will have the reward of achieving good things.

Playing in a band is a wonderful experience. One that will forever be in your memories. These memories will always be with you and surface every time you hear music. Don’t miss out on this feeling. Go out find other musicians to share your passion, step on that stage, smile and Rock On!

These feelings I share with my fellow musicians who share this passion of playing with others.

If you play in a band our would like to, you might also check out 12 Bar Blues From Canada, they give out a progressive blues that will surprise you.

Click here to download a copy of their latest single for free.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Erik_Goulet

Lost Child – Chartity


lost_chil_cover_art_Why do so many young lives be lost to such violent acts. A new track, Lost Child. will soon be available for purchase. ALL the proceeds will be given to a charity for victims assassinated or disappeared. Details soon…

Our thoughts are with the families of the young victims of the Connecticut Shooting.

Always A Gamble

Always A Gamble
Always A Gamble

Nothing is certain when you make a decision or take a chance on something. The risk you take will maybe have you fall on your face. But if you don’t take that risk you will never find the path to success.

In music you are confronted with the same decisions. Do I take the gamble and try, or just follow the same path that countless others have taken. Adventure off the beaten path and you will maybe find what you are looking for. It’s so easy to follow in someone elses footprints only to find out it leads you to the same failure as that person.

Remember…take that chance and go forward. Live your life, not the life of others. You will discover something awesome, YOUR LIFE…

Montreal Marathon 2012

Montreal Marathon 12 Bar Blues


Well look at that
Well look at that


Having a great day at the 2012 Montreal Marathon on the 29th of September. Our soundman was absolutely awesome. Even Pete was so anxious to get to the gig that he forgot his drum seat. Well  Jack and I took a walk before we hit the stage and we found something for Pete.