Project 12


Keep posted! PROJECT 12 , a Prog Rock spin off coming soon. Album in pre-production. 12 Bar Blues is going beyond blues. It’s natural evolution will be displayed in Project 12 new album.

The Voyage Preview

Work is still going strong on the new album. Here’s a preview of The Voyage. Leave a comment. We will be happy to hear from you.

Lost Child Single for Charity

Lost Child is the first single off our next album. This track was inspired by the Newtown tragedy and all similar acts of violence in this world we live in. Especially when children are involved. The children are our future and we must stand…

Playing in a Band With Other Musicians

Erik Goulet

You’re ready, you have practiced long and hard. All those scales, chord progressions you have learned by heart. During your free time you studied the legends of music. You watched videos of the masters of guitar, drums, keyboards, bass or whatever musical instrument that…

Lost Child – Chartity


Why do so many young lives be lost to such violent acts. A new track, Lost Child. will soon be available for purchase. ALL the proceeds will be given to a charity for victims assassinated or disappeared. Details soon… Our thoughts are with the…

Always A Gamble

Nothing is certain when you make a decision or take a chance on something. The risk you take will maybe have you fall on your face. But if you don’t take that risk you will never find the path to success. In music you…

Montreal Marathon 2012

Montreal Marathon 12 Bar Blues

    Having a great day at the 2012 Montreal Marathon on the 29th of September. Our soundman was absolutely awesome. Even Pete was so anxious to get to the gig that he forgot his drum seat. Well  Jack and I took a walk…