Playing in a Band With Other Musicians

Erik Goulet

Erik GouletYou’re ready, you have practiced long and hard. All those scales, chord progressions you have learned by heart. During your free time you studied the legends of music. You watched videos of the masters of guitar, drums, keyboards, bass or whatever musical instrument that has influenced you to start playing in a band.

At the crossroad you stand, wanting to take the steps needed to progress into a band. This desire to play in a band with fellow musicians who share a common interest in a particular type of music. Or even to share the simple love of music and to perform this art with others.

Many musicians are confronted with this urge to perform with a group of fellow musicians in a garage somewhere, as a weekend warrior and even full time in front of thousands of rabid fans. I understand and sympathize with this yurning. Once you pick up that axe, hit those skins or tickle the ivories, this sensation of accomplishment draws this overwhelming vail over your senses. This feeling is shared by so many. Weather by one how plays his or her craft once in awhile or the regular player striving to continually fill the void left by the last performance.

When you step on to that darken stage, you pick up that instrument you pray to at each performance. The lights go up and you close your eye and here the murmur of the crowd waiting for you to strike the first notes, chords, beat and words.

A successful band is more than a group of good musicians. Many factors will affect the success of a band. Musicianship being one prime factor to this elusive success, but many other factors come into play. A band will always be greater then the some of it’s parts. All the band practices in the rehearsal room will never be enough to transform the band in a tight unit. Performing live in front of an audience will gain 20 times the amount of experience on stage as you would in the rehearsal room. Beside band practice you need to practice by yourself as well. This is your responsibility to the other band members to keep your skill level up and ever increasing. To know your parts as best as you can before you get to the stage or rehearsal. The time you will spend working on band music outside of band rehearsal. will save you countless hours.

One of the most important aspect of making a successful and tight band is unity. All the energy you will focus on the band to work as one, will have the reward of achieving good things.

Playing in a band is a wonderful experience. One that will forever be in your memories. These memories will always be with you and surface every time you hear music. Don’t miss out on this feeling. Go out find other musicians to share your passion, step on that stage, smile and Rock On!

These feelings I share with my fellow musicians who share this passion of playing with others.

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